Rebrand - Sign Language Interpreter/Filmmaker to Digital Marketer

"The Beginning Just Ahead" road sign with clouds & blue sky behind it

Time for a Shift

Last July I quit my job as a sign language interpreter and took time off to do some soul searching - I knew it was time to switch gears on my career. I loved working with kids but with my film getting distribution, I felt my "plate" had cleared, somehow, that it was time to get those creative juices flowing in new ways.

Digital Marketing = Home

As I did this exploration, I kept coming back to digital marketing. At first I didn't know the framework I was looking for but what I did know is that I felt myself light-up and when bouncing the idea off friends. On multiple occasions I saw the confirmation on the faces of my friends who have seen my career evolve over the years and have sought me out for advice on various creative endeavors. Isn't this the ultimate experience in rebranding? Finding something just feels right and then getting confirmation from people who know you and value your contribution?

When I committed, it all clicked. I was already an avid user of Social Media and I've always geeked out on web strategy and landing page optimization. I knew for sure when I rolled up my sleeves to consult with my first client, Harper's Playground, when I got this feeling of "this is so right."

True to My Roots - DJ

The thing is, in developing my brand, I'm clear that staying in disability justice feels most authentic to me. How wonderful there is a whole important conversation happening around digital accessibility - one I plan to explore more by marketing within that space. I'm headed to the CSUN conference next month to see who I can meet and what I can learn about the industry. I also plan to run a survey there to get a pulse on which social media channels people with disabilities are on and what the accessibility gaps are. I'll be presenting it as a follow-up as part of a competition for "Best Portland Digital Marketing Student" presentation from my marketing program which I'm a finalist in.  Check it out and some of my other original content including a video with my Grandma Belle and my award-winning documentary film, Austin Unbound.

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