PDXAUX Meetup Q3 2015

Alex Li from Microsoft

Summer of Accessibility -collaborative Gitbook,  a11y Working Group, co-meetups - Maptime & Govt

A11y working group

9/10/15 at Puppet Labs

This Meetup started a collaborative Gitbook project: the assembly of an Accessible UX guide. The idea was to put together a table of contents, pool our current knowledge of user problems and solutions, begin to write our guide and discuss opening our book to public collaboration.  

Regular Callie brought all sorts of UX & accessibility resource books and another attendee mentioned core competencies identified by the IAAP site considered essential for different digital web professionals-They also include Content Writers and QAs in the user groups, which we might want to consider adding now or in the future...

Esri logo

Esri logo

Accessibile Geographic Information - coMeetUp with Maptime!

8/15/15 at Esri Portland R&D Center

Portland Accessibility and User Experience is hosted a co-MeetUp with MapTime PDX – Portland’s OpenStreetMap MeetUp! Discussion was about how to improve environmental accessibility and inclusion by including accessibility geographic information in OpenStreetMap (OSM) an open-source GIS (geographic information system). 

Location aware technology has the ability to provide useful and timely information based on your location - join us as we start the conversation about what types of data should be included for people with disabilities.  

Accessibility and Government Policies - coMeetUp with Code for Portland

Jul 21, 2015 Esri Portland R&D Center

To kick of the Summer of Accessibility 2015 - The Portland Accessibility and User Experience  and Code for Portland co-hosted ameetup. Civic hackers, accessibility experts, and creative problem solvers to discussed how we as a community can improve accessibility in Portland. 

Alex Li (pictured above) from Microsoft joined us to share his extensive experience in global accessibility policies and technical standards development and procurement, mentioning specifically how our standards are influencing and being influenced by those in Europe. EN 301 549 http://www.etsi.org/news-events/news/754-new-european-standard-on-accessibility-requirements-for-public-procurement-of-ict-products-and-services

Catherine Nikolovski from HackOregon spoke about design and data in her talk "Designing for Engagement: how to ask data to speak human."

Cat Nikolovski