PDXAUX Meetup Q4 2015

Gian stands "akimbo" at the front of a room of a dozen people

Closed out the year with more work on the gitbook, an international guest presenter and a happy hour.


Happy Hour!

Dec 15, 2015, Green Dragon

A group of maybe 6 of us closed out the year at the Green Dragon for happy hour to network and discuss accessibility and the user experience! We also signed and sent out thank-you cards to our 2015 guest speakers. 

Green Dragon logo


Working Group: Gitbook Part II

Nov 11, 2015 Puppet Labs

At our September meetup, we started our open-source accessibility planning guide. The goal is to create a “concise guide for decision-makers in companies making software applications” each tackling individual chapter drafts in Gitbooks - a way to publicly collaborate. The scheduling didn’t work out well due to other meetups but there was good discussion on how to proceed with the project as more of a working session with pizza and beer. If you are interested in collaborating, contact Verne.


Guest Presenter: Gian Wild on Mobile Accessibility

Oct 26, 2015, Puppet Labs

Gian Wild Lecturing

Gian Wild Lecturing

We had an international speaker from Australia for PDXAUX at Puppet Labs this month - a presentation by (my boss) Gian Wild on how to make your mobile sites accessible. Many people with disabilities prefer using a mobile device to the desktop. WCAG2 was written before mobile devices were ubiquitous, and there are some accessibility issues unique to the mobile format, such as lack of keyboard, lack of mouse hover and reduced screen size. Gian talked about the most common problems and how you can avoid them. 

It was a great presentation and the audience interaction was phenomenal with lots of takeaways. One attendee said they would have loved to see more examples of solutions and the process for identifying examples.