PDXAUX Meetup Q2 2015

Scribe with notepad - read on for details.

Scribe with notepad - read on for details.

Three meetups including happy hour, roadmap and inagural event. 

 Happy Hour

6/10/15 - at Green Dragon

Portland weather is the best in June - way too nice to be inside. We congregated on the patio of Green Dragon for happy hour to network and discuss accessibility and the user experience! 

Building an Accessibility Roadmap

5/27/15 at Puppet Labs

This meetup examined the accessibility roadmap. Accessibility is increasingly on the radar of companies large and small. But how do companies go from wanting to address accessibility issues to building a tangible road map they can implement? Megan Lawrence gave a short presentation on "Building the Accessibility Roadmap," a new way to make the complicated process of incorporating accessibility into business practices more accessible. The conversation led more into our discussion of how to organize and build a road map for PDXAUX.    

About 12 attendees in a circle with tall green trees behind them

PDX-AUX Kick off!

4/29/15 - at Puppet Labs

We kicked off the #PDXAUX Meetup with a meet and greet then introduced ourselves and did an ice breaker. Megan Lawrence did a short overview presentation defining UD/Accessibility for those who may be newer to a11y. We had employees from Intel as well as educators and UX designers. Time was spent in group discussions getting a sense of the interests of the group for our inaugural year! - It was a great group of people with diverse interests in accessibility and universal design. Attendees seemed motivated to introduce the wider PDX tech community to accessibility.

notepad says:
Write a Book/Create a Resource
Create Tools
Communication Forum
Quantifiable Incentives
Success Stories from Other Cities/Companies

Promote Accessibility - lots of interest and ideas about this.

Live Tweeting was happening and pictures were documented here https://flic.kr/s/aHskaYSmAk