Back on the market...

Eliza with a shetland pony

Freelancing is Awesome

Real Adventure

When I was "down under", the Aussie way of pronouncing that word "adventure" really stuck for me. In my head it sounds more like "adventcha" and it is still hard for me to pronounce the "R" at the end of that word after nearly a month of living/working in Melbourne with the AccessibilityOz team back in September (Septembah). There was all sorts of "adventcha" with koalas, kangaroos and penguins.  The penguins were really the best. You go at sundown so you can watch the parent penguins bringing their babies dinner. I was a foot away from a baby penguin huddling in the rock caves. When the parent penguin joins the baby, they coo so loudly you can feel the rocks vibrating. No joke! Oh yes, I also got to feed a Shetland pony! 

The Work We Did

AccessibilityOz is a website accessibility company. They hired me for a six month marketing contract while moving into the US space. I had an exciting stint there evaluating the market and working on their brand across channels as well as doing business development. The CEO, Gian Wild, has a wealth of knowledge about web accessibility; I learned so much about best practices, errors and technology. Our efforts brought the brand in front of prospects such as Comcast and the United Nations and colleagues online and at conferences such as M-Enabling in DC, Access2015 in Las Vegas and the excellent Accessing Higher Ground event in Colorado. Together we pitched innovative technology OzPlayer an accessible video player and OzART an automated testing tool, and sold licenses to McDonalds and George Mason University. OzPlayer is now being used at all community colleges in California!