CSUN 2016 - Social Media Accessibility Survey Report

Social Media Accessibility Importance for Professionals and Jobseekers

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Implications Across Channels 

Why, do you think, Twitter is more popular among people with vision impairments than the general population? Why aren't more Deaf and Hard of Hearing people using Twitter and LinkedIn? What does that mean for us as content creators who want to practice accessibility across all channels? These slides take a look at survey data about social media in terms of accessibility as well as prevalence of use among recruiters and jobseekers. These slides are prepared for my CSUN presentation titled "Social Media Accessibility – Importance for Professionals and Jobseekers"

Accessibility of Presentation

I learned some tips and tricks from my colleague, Megan Lawrence, about how to make an accessible PowerPoint - let me know how they work for you!

*Follow-Up Webinar: Employer Tips

Using key takeaways from my survey findings and social media accessibility best practices, I presented a webinar "Social Media & Job Recruiting - Leveling the 'Playing Fields'" for the Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology. Check it out!