Campaign Launches

Are you gearing up to send your product to market? I've helped clients launch membership programs, ecourses and sales.  Together we craft your messaging to an audience, identifying critical timing, language, pricing and unique value proposition. 

  • Social Media is the glue that holds modern society together. If you want more brand awareness and conversions, make sure you have a presence here. This requires more strategic planning than putting your intern on it. Make sure you have a strategy in place that matches your business objectives. The more spelled out your goals and preferences, the better your helpers can follow your brand aesthetic and help you align with others in your field. 
  • Landing Page Optimization - if you are working to send traffic to your site, you will want to make sure you make it really easy to turn your prospects into customers. Bounce rates for B2B are typically X% - how to you improve this and make your audience click through with your call to action? We start by identifying Who is the audience, exactly? What are their pain-points? What problem do you solve? How quickly or efficiently can you resolve the problem? All this needs to be conveyed in a split second, using a good ratio of image to text. 
  • Newletters get better ROI than any other medium - statistic.  I partner with marketing automation experts to provide refined drip  email campaigns. If you have optimized your landing pages, you should be experiencing high conversion rates for sales and capturing email addresses to remarket to.