Competitive Audits

The value of competitive audits

May clients already have an in-depth understanding their competition. When they are able to tell me about their target market in full detail, that always conserve budget. Sometimes, it is faster for me to do the research and report back on my understanding of the space. This helps to fill in the gaps with a competitive audit and also to make sure we are on the same page about the position of the campaign. The vivid and complete of a picture we have, the more robust the marketing campaign. 

How to Reduce Costs:

Fill in the form for me in great detail:

List of top 5- 10 competitors

Which social media channels your competitors active on?

If someone searches for you on Google, what do they get?

Three personas you are trying to reach, what are their pain-points?

How much are they willing to spend to solve this problem? (Competitor pricing)

What else are they buying?

CTA goes to my blog with case studies of Knowbility, Shape, TerpSavvy, OF Beard Oil