Digital Accessibility

Are your marketing efforts accessible to everyone? Like to boast about your inclusive work culture? The global population of disabled persons has reached 1.3 billion, and is projected to grow immensely as the baby-boomers age.  Check your digital accessibility to see how to become more inclusive. I offer UX and SEO expertise to help your company strategically develop content that meets accessibility standards Accessibility is "baked in" to the campaigns I build, so that everyone is reached.

Implementation as a Marketer:

My work integrates digital accessibility into digital marketing for targeted campaigns.  I help businesses establish best practices and track accessibility so that they know their marketing efforts (website, newsletters, social media) are all-inclusive. I track the accessibility of various marketing platforms and tools and keep current on best practices. When I am lucky enough to surround myself by accessibility brains, I listen for how the conversations are shaped, noting what excites people and where the various pain points are in the market. 

Why I care:

  • I used to be a sign language interpreter and I have a Deaf sister. I often helped filling the gaps of access to basic information for her. I love being part of the solution that leverages technology to address that issue.
  • I am deeply touched by the disability justice movement. 
  • Accessible marketing has better reach. 

Pro Tips:

  1. Stay ahead of the curve by learning the fundamentals. (The four principles, according to WCAG 2.0 are to make sure your web content is "POUR" Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust.) 
  2. Use business goals to prioritize . Accessibility is not a "toggle."  Budget time to spend on accessibility based on strategic business goals. 
  3. Hit low hanging fruit. Accessibility is complex. Chip away at it as you build your skill-set and awareness. 
  4. Iterate: Review the principals to make sure you are thinking through the process conceptually. Review time spent and make new goals. As it gets easier, "bake it in" as you go. Keep learning!

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