How To Set Up A Facebook Profile on an iPhone

1. Download the Facebook App.

 The Facebook app may be downloaded from the App store. Enter the name in search, select the Get button, which will then turn into an Install button that you will then select. After the installation is complete you may sect this button a third time when it displays as Open.

2. Sign up for Facebook.

You will be prompted to sign up for Facebook, and be asked if you agree to Facebook’s policy regarding cookies and privacy. If you agree, press Get Started.

3. Enter personal information.

You will then be prompted to enter your email address and name. It is better for your online presence to use your full/professional name. You will create a password, which should contain uppercase characters, numerals and an optional symbol for Facebook to move forward.

 From here, you will be prompted to enter your birthday and gender. If you are of a non-binary gender, enter one and change it later in your account settings. Facebook will then prompt you to add a Photo. You may add one from your saved Photos or take a selfie at that moment.

4. Add Facebook Friends.

Facebook will prompt you to add contacts from the address book associated with the phone you are signing up on. This is an optional step, and you may avoid it by pressing Skip. If you choose to skip this step, you will be directed to the main screen of your logged-in account. You can search for people you know with the search bar and add them one at a time.

5. Customize your profile further.

 Navigate to the More section of the main navigation bar. Select the menu option that says your name and the text View My Profile. You will then be prompted to Fill Out Your Profile, which you can begin by selecting Get Started.

 From here, you can choose a cover photo to act as the backdrop to your profile, add your college and work information, current city, hometown, and high school. You will also be prompted to post a status.

Each of these steps can be avoided by selecting Skip, which is located at at least one section of the screen at one time. You may also alter the privacy settings of each section, selecting whether you wish for certain sections of your profile to be visible to the public, your Friends or to only you.