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I work closely with your team on strategy and optimization of online assets. I create targeted campaigns via AdWords, social media and newsletter. I strengthen UX, improve conversion rates and position for ideal inbound marketing. I love to build capacity, evangelize and strengthen relationships. I am particularly interested in digital interfaces designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. I am constantly working to make my own digital output more accessible. I am a communicator. My analytical approach measures results with a focus on quality and efficiency.


I am an (old) millennial who moved from the rugged Rocky Mountains to internationally diverse Washington, D.C. to study at George Washington University and learn sign language. I moved to Portland, Oregon in the spring of 2004 and leaped into working and playing alongside the creative and intelligent people living in this area. Every year, when the magnolia trees blossom, I am reminded of that time and I feel glad to have landed in such a welcoming and vibrant city. I am a co-founder of the Portland Accessibility UX Meetup group which meets every couple of months. These days, my favorite past time is to explore Beaverton neighborhoods and watch real estate. To relax, I train my puppy, Darby, and snowshoe Mt. Hood or Mt. Ranier. 

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