How to set up a LinkedIn Account on an iPhone

1. Download the LinkedIn app.

It is important to ensure you have enough space on your phone before downloading this app.

The LinkedIn app can be found by typing “linkedin” into the search bar of the app store menu. It is typically the first result.

Select the LinkedIn app listing. This will take you to the main app page. Find the sidebar listing Details, Reviews and Related and select the Get button. Select this option and it will change to a button with the text Install. Select this button again and it will begin downloading.

2. Open the LinkedIn app.

This app can be opened by either by selecting the Install button (which now displays as Open) or by zooming out to the home page of your phone and pressing the LinkedIn app.

3. Select the option stating Join LinkedIn.

This will guide you to a sign-up page. Enter in your First Name, Last Name, E-mail and a password you prefer in the spaces provided. Beware that whatever email address you use then notify others who are already on LinkedIn and have used that address for you to be notified that you are on LinkedIn. So for example, if you don’t want to raise any red-flags at your current place of employment, don’t use your work email! Your password should be something that isn’t easy to guess, and should most likely contain an uppercase letter, number or symbol. After all this is entered, hit Join Now.

4. Begin entering in your work information.

Two vertical tables will emerge, titled Job Title and Company. Enter your most current Job Title and Company in these boxes, then hit Continue. Suggestions may populate below depending on your industry.

Another set of vertical boxes will emerge, and will automatically fill in your current Country and Postal Code if you have set your phone’s location services to detect them. Check to make sure these are correct before hitting Continue. You may skip this step by hitting Skip at the bottom of the screen.

5. Add a Photo.

Add a Photo to your profile by hitting the Add Photo button from the next page. It will present the option for you to take a photo then or to add one from your phone’s saved library. Check to make sure these are correct before hitting Continue. You may skip this step by selecting Skip at the bottom of the screen.

6. Confirm e-mail.

The next step will be to select the link sent to you at the e-mail you entered in Step 3. If this e-mail account is associated with your Mail app, you can go there directly by hitting the largest button. You may skip this step by hitting Skip at the bottom of the screen.

7. Import address book.

At this stage, you may import all the contacts associated with your e-mail address by selecting Continue. This may help you if you’re not sure where to begin with networking. Hit Continue and a list of your contacts will appear. Select the e-mail addresses of the people you wish to connect to and hit Connect. The number of e-mail addresses you have selected will appear in this button. You may skip this step by hitting Skip at the bottom of the screen.

8. State your purpose.

A screen will appear asking, What’s the main thing you want to do? This is where you set the tone for your time on LinkedIn. The options are Stay up to date with my industry, Build my professional network and Find a job. Select what’s best for you. If you select Find a job, the app will ask if you wish to download the LinkedIn Job Search App. You can do so by hitting the button labeled Get the Job Search App. You may skip this step by hitting Not Now at the bottom of the screen.

9. Set up your profile.

At this point, you will be on the Home Screen of your LinkedIn profile. You can customize your Feed (therefore changing the news and industry updates you encounter first) by hitting Get Started. However, it is advised that you finish setting up your profile. You may do this by selecting the Me icon at the bottom right section of the screen.

From here, you may add past career information by following the prompt. The first prompt will be Add a position. You may copy this information directly from your resume or portfolio. Add as many positions as is relevant to the industry where you are currently seeking work. Add to the Education section of your profile when prompted for a more complete profile and more potential networking opportunities through your past schools.

10. Make connections.

After you have filled out your profile, go to the My Network icon on the bottom row. You will be direction to a prompt asking you to sync your calendar to the LinkedIn app. Ignore this for now and select the section labeled Connections in the upper right corner.

This will connect you to a page with a button labeled Sync Contacts. You must press this button to continue. After you hit the button labeled Continue on the next page, the app will request to sync your contacts from your phone. If you are ok with this, select Yes, and select Allow when your phone asks you to give the app permission to see your contacts. You may reset this preference at any time by going into Settings and adjusting the permissions for the LinkedIn app.

You will be prompted to a menu listing every person from your contact list with a LinkedIn profile. You may connect to each person individually by pressing the text titled Connect laced to the right of every name. You may also connect to every person on the list at once by hitting the button labeled Connect to all at the bottom of the screen.

If you choose to hit Skip, you will be directed to a screen asking you to invite the people in your contact list that are not on LinkedIn to join LinkedIn. It is highly suggested that you add at least a few contacts at this stage, either through e-mail or within the app. This will allow the app to locate more potentially useful connections for you.

Once you have completed your profile, you can back out to the Home section of the menu bar to back out to the main menu. You can write a post by selecting Share under the search bar. Within this option, you may alter privacy setting, attach a link or add a photo to your post before selecting Share. You may also share a Photo by selecting Photo. You will be prompted to give LinkedIn access to your phone’s Camera and Photos.