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Social Media Training at Louisiana Center for the Blind


Dear Students,

I am looking forward to being with you at LCB next week and working on social media together. I met Jack Mendez when I was presenting at CSUN in March and we struck up a conversation about bringing this training to LCB. I am excited to do the first training with you and I'm interested in your feedback for how to make it more effective in the future.  This page will be updated with more info as the planning period wraps up. I intend for the training to be fun and informative and ultimately to help you become more competitive on social media for career mobility. The real reward will be in being connected to others via social media, but there will also be prizes - read on for more detail on that.

See you soon!



Prize One:

If you are on this page, it is because you already filled out the LCB Social Media survey. By doing that, you won a prize. Redeem yours before lunch on day one of the training (Monday May 23) by using the term "Social Media Rocks!" in conversation - make sure Eliza hears it!

Prize Two:

Earn a second prize by:

  • Finding Eliza on Twitter and shouting out something about your feelings on social media training - make sure to include @E_lizaG in the Tweet.
  • Email Eliza with a question you would like answered in the social media training. 
  • Find the Louisiana Center for the Blind page - find a post or review to comment on. 

Bonus Points Throughout the Training:

Are we going to keep bribing you with prizes? Maybe! Here are a few hints on what we might be looking for:

Use of key vocabulary words in class discussion:

  • Channel
  • Pain-points
  • KPIs
  • Targets
  • SoMe
  • Brand

Having up-to-date login info for:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn

About the Trainer:

Eliza Greenwood is a digital marketer from Portland, Oregon. Eliza is keen to examine social media use among people with disabilities as a way to identify marketing opportunity and to keep a pulse on varying trends across channels. In an earlier “chapter” of life, Eliza was a sign-language interpreter. She also directed and produced the award-winning documentary Austin Unbound: a Deaf Journey of Transgender Heroism.” Eliza is the co-founder of the Portland Accessibility UX Meetup and enjoys chess, long walks with friends, and snowshoeing.