About Twitter

A real-time medium

Life of tweet extremely short (minutes)

Longer-term great for longtail

140 characters

Access to people we never had access to before

Customer support

Things you can do on Twitter

Post a link to an article

Your response to news

An opinion

A quote you heard or read

Retweet of someone else’s post

Post a picture of you doing something professional



Tone of voice: Professional but more laid back

Frequency: 3-5 tweets per day

Success Metrics: retweets, replies, clicks through on links


–reply quickly and kindly to mentions and retweets

 tag & mention users when appropriate

–engage in dialogue with users and thought leaders

–use relevant hashtags

–keep length between 100-120 characters so there is space for others to RT and add comments

–Be up to the minute and on topic

–Create 2-way conversations