How to set up a Twitter account on an iPhone

1. Download the Twitter App.

The Twitter app may be downloaded from the App store. Enter the name in search, select the Get button, which will then turn into an Install button that you will then select. After the installation is complete you may sect this button a third time when it displays as Open.

2. Begin entering personal information.

You will be shown a Welcome to Twitter page, on which you will be select Sign Up. You will be immediately prompted to enter your name.

You will then be prompted to enter in a phone number for verification purposes. You may also use email for verification (if, say, you are signing up on someone else’s phone) by selecting the option Use email instead. You will be sent a verification e-mail that you will need to eventually click through and verify at the end of this process.

3. Enter a password.

Enter in a password you’ll remember, preferably one including numerals and symbols. If you have not entered a phone number to associate with this account, you will be prompted to do so now. Twitter will send a verification code to the phone associated with that number that you must enter to continue.

4. Set your public information.

You will be prompted to enter a public username, or Twitter handle. Select a name you’ll remember, and keep in mind that something close to your real name will earn you more search engine optimization power. You will be blocked from going forward if that username has already been taken.

5. Set your feed preferences.

Twitter will ask you to select from a list of interests, such as Arts and Culture. If you select one, more options may emerge to ask about more specific interests. All of this is to give Twitter more information about what content you would potentially like to see on the network. When you are finished, select Continue. You may also skip this step by selecting Skip.

6. Decide whether or not you would like to import contacts.

You will be prompted to import the contacts associated with the phone on which you are signing up. This may help you locate potential people to follow on Twitter. But it is also completely optional, and you can press Skip for now to move on.

7. Decide who to follow based on Twitter’s suggestions.

Based in the interests you entered in a previous steps, Twitter will present you with a list of accounts it feels you should follow. Scroll down the list and deselect any accounts you are not interested in following. If you wish to follow all of the selected accounts, select the button listed as Follow and then a number.

8. Customize further in General Settings.

Congratulations, you’ve made a Twitter account! To customize further, such as adding a Twitter bio and picture, navigate to the Me section of the main menu of the Twitter app.

You will be prompted to customize your profile further by selecting the Set Up Your Profile button constructed by Twitter. You will be prompted to add a Profile picture, which you can add from your uploaded photos or by taking a selfie. You can add a background picture through your uploaded Photos.

The prompt to set up your Twitter bio will be added to an extra prompt to add more interests to your bio, under the heading of Describe Yourself. You don’t have to add more interests if you don’t wish to. But you should write a Twitter bio containing keywords specific to what you want to get out of Twitter, such as your job title, industry, and one thing about you that makes you unique.

You have the option to add your birthday at this stage, the year of which will be anonymous to public users. You may skip this step by selecting Not Now.

You may also add your city and state, which will be used by Twitter to customize follower selections for you. You may skip this step by selecting Not Now.