PEAT Talks: Social Media & Job Recruiting – Leveling the “Playing Fields”

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Bridging the Unemployment Gap for People with Disabilities

I recently did a Twitter chat and Webinar with PEAT Works, the Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology. I was thrilled to be able to collaborate on this I am passionate about helping to resolve the dismal unemployment rates among people with disabilities. As a digital marketer in an environment where social media has changed talent recruiting, this is a timely topic.

What is PEAT?

PEAT Works is a program under the Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP.) They serve as a think tank and resource for employers, IT companies, and others. Their work helps illuminate why it pays to build and buy accessible technology, and it explains how to do so. 

Main points included;

  • 79% of job seekers use social media to identify job opportunities.
  • the unemployment rates among people with disabilities remains at a high of 9.7% whereas the rate among people without disabilities is at a new low of 4.3%.
  • Different populations of people with disabilities use social media differently, as noted in my CSUN 2016 presentation.
  • Identifying different approaches for inclusion, accessibility and equality are all part of the process to attain accessible recruitment practices. 


Next I will be helping update their current eRecruiting Tip Sheets for accessible social media best practices for images, videos, postings/hashtags and user support on channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.